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Qmail-Scanner - A Content Scanner for Qmail
Qmail-Scanner is an add-on that enables a Qmail email server to scan gatewayed email for certain characteristics (i.e. a content scanner). It is typically used for ...

Qmail-Scanner-2.11st (st patch) - Salvatore Toribio
Qmail-Scanner patched st is an add-on for Qmail, that connects antivirus and antispam tools with a mailserver, this patched version deletes/rejects/quarantines  ...

Index of /qmail-scanner/download
Index of /qmail-scanner/download. [ICO], Name · Last modified · Size · Description. [DIR], Parent Directory, -. [ ], q-s-1.23st-20040819.patch.gz, 21-Apr- 2005 18: ...

Installing Qmail-Scanner
Installing Qmail-Scanner. We are now ready to install Qmail-Scanner. Download the latest source of Qmail-Scanner. As of the writing of this HOWTO, it is 1.20.

Qmail-Scanner and ClamAV HowTo
This HOWTO describes how to integrate ClamAV, an anti-virus attachment scanner and Qmail-Scanner, an anti-virus message content scanner, with an existing ...

Install qmail-scanner- Updated Qmail installation guide for Debian
Install qmail-scanner (alternate queuing system for qmail)

Qmail-Scanner With ClamAV And SpamAssassin On Ubuntu | HowtoForge ...
Feb 25, 2011 ... Qmail-Scanner is an add-on that enables a Qmail email server to scan email for certain characteristics. It is typically used for its anti-virus and ... Part 15 - Qmail-scanner for Redhat/Fedora/RHEL
Part 15 - qmail-scanner w/qms-analog (Redhat). If you will recall, when we compiled qmail earlier in this installation, we applied a patch to qmail called ...

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